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The Adobe Springs flow at a rate of 75,000,000 gallons per year, and contain 110 mg/L magnesium. Nearly all other American bottled spring waters contain less than 6 mg/L magnesium. This magnesium may prevent up to 40% of all heart disease. Two books mention Adobe Springs as one of the world's healthiest waters, thanks to the high magnesium content:

Adobe Springs is the source for multiple brands of bottled water. One is bottled at the Seven-Up plant in Modesto, CA, under their label, Noah's Spring Water, and distributed in California and several other states. Another brand, hiOsilver Oxygen Water, is bottled in glass in Modesto. The water is oxygenated for extra energy and to promote fresh breath.

The Adobe Springs are located in western Stanislaus County in an area so remote that there are no schools or delivery of U. S. mail. The area is so mountainous that no bottling plant can be built at the springs, so the water is trucked out in "doubles" carrying 6,600 gallons per load. The owner is Paul Mason, who lives at the springs. He spends most of his time doing research on the health benefits of magnesium and lobbying for greater recognition by the FDA of the health benefits of magnesium in water.

The elevation at the Adobe Springs is 1,375 feet above sea level, which keeps the springs pure. At that elevation in such rocky terrain, there is no agriculture or industry using insecticides, herbicides, chemicals, no smog, or anything else. The area is a rugged wilderness, too steep for any development.

Adobe Springs water is sold in bulk. Contract bottling of private brands is available from the Seven Up franchisee in Modesto, CA. Over 70 million gallons per annum are still available to bottlers.

Adobe Spring Water's magnesium is in the healthful form of "magnesium bicarbonate", and there are many health benefits from the bicarbonate as well

If you Google the words "Radiation Sickness Magnesium" and "Radiation Sickness Bicarbonate", you will find many web pages affirming that Magnesium OR Bicarbonate is useful in treating or preventing radiation sickness.


There are six guidelines for determining if water is both healthy and appealing to consumers:

  1. The UN's World Health Organization currently recommends at least 25 mg of magnesium per liter. [See page 80 of WHO's online book, "Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking Water." Adobe Springs' water contains 110 mg of magnesium per liter—over four times as much! The Adobe Springs are the only licensed water source in California that meets the World Health Organization's new recommendation.
  2. The pH should be at least 8 or above to reverse the acidity that comes with ageing; Adobe Springs' pH is 8.5. See:
  3. The Ca/Mg ratio should not exceed 3 to 1 to prevent calcification of soft tissues in the heart, brain and arteries: Adobe Springs' water has minimal calcium. See:
  4. Sodium and other harmful minerals should be minimal; Adobe Springs' water has so little sodium, it can be labeled as "sodium free."
  5. Clean water will have a low turbidity of under .50 NT Units per liter. Adobe Springs' is nearly the purest spring water on earth with .11 NT Units per liter. TDS is 410 ppm. Adobe Springs' water can be labeled as 'spring water', 'mineral water–low mineral content' or 'mineral spring water.'
  6. Adobe Springs' water has excellent flavor, which is why so many brands use the Adobe Springs as a source, including Noah's, O-2-Cool, NeuroAqua, and others.

By these scientific standards, Adobe Springs' water is the best on Earth. Adobe Springs is located just 19 miles off I-5, west of Patterson, California, near the San Francisco Bay Area. Price is about 7.6 cents per gallon, billing $500 per tanker truckload.

About 60 million gallons per annum are still available.


2017 Title 21 Laboratory Report for the Adobe Springs

Hydrogeological Report for the Adobe Springs This is full of good information, and has 63 pages and photos.

Adobe Springs contains a RARE 110 mg of magnesium per liter

Bi-Carbonate helps prevent many illnesses, as people become more acidic with age. "Magnesium Bi-Carbonate" is thus the ideal beverage due to both the magnesium, and the bi-carbonate.

Mg Calculations


This study focuses on the alkaline Adobe Springs:
An alkaline spring system within the Del Puerto Ophiolite (California, USA): A Mars analog site

    J.G. Blank a,b, , S.J. Green b,1 , D. Blake b , J.W. Valley c , N.T. Kita c , A. Treiman d , P.F. Dobson e
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    b NASA/Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035, USA
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    d Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX 77058, USA
    e Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720, US

Adobe Springs 1 Adobe Springs 1 Adobe Springs 1 Adobe Springs 1

To order Adobe Springs Water, see details at:

NOAH'S California Spring Water


BlueStar Sparkling Spring Water hi0silver Noah's California Spring Water

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