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To encourage bottlers and health authorities to add 100 mg/l magnesium to all bottled beverages, in order to end global magnesium deficiency that is causing countless heart attacks, strokes, and other debilitating illnesses.

Article in February 2007 Life Extension magazine:
Is Your Bottled Water Killing You? This article addresses the widespread lack of magnesium in bottled waters.

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Is Your Bottled Water Killing You?.)

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News: Donald W. Short, vice president of Coca-Cola, announced that Coke is creating "The Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness" to help Coca-Cola identify new functional beverage ingredients and possible formulations that address a particular health or nutritional need worldwide. Location: Houston, Texas.[The most obvious and pressing need: Mg!]

Magnesium Deficiency

Hard water can be an important source of magnesium. Desert springs and wells are often rich in magnesium, but modern water treatment plants use Reverse Osmosis or other purification which removes magnesium from water.

Most Mg-deficiency deaths are a result of heart disease, but asthma, migraine, cramps, and many other illnesses can be caused by magnesium deficiency.

Adult males should get 420 mg of magnesium per day, but are actually averaging only 327 mg/day, according to an exhaustive literature review.

Worldwide, there are 79 brands of bottled water containing 110 mg/L magnesium or more.

Natural springs containing magnesium bicarbonate may be found in geologic "ultra-mafic" rock formations containing the rock called "serpentine."

There are three ways of putting magnesium into purified drinking water without impacting flavor:

(a) magnesium lactate
(b) magnesium chloride
(c) magnesium bicarbonate (tastes good, but costs a little more)

There may also be extra health benefits from the bicarbonate.

To see the medical journal articles supporting these statements, please see below.

The Arab Healthy Water Association petitions that your Health Agency recommend that all bottled water and soft drinks contain at least 100 mg/L magnesium. Such a recommendation would encourage bottlers to improve the healthfulness of their beverages, saving numerous lives.

* Calculations of American Deaths Caused by Magnesium Deficiency, As Projected from International Data, by Paul Mason  

A short list of medical journal articles about magnesium in water:

A book about magnesium:

Some articles about magnesium:

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