Science Advisory Panel
for the Healthy Water Association

Healthy Water Association

Dr. Bella T. Altura

State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn
450 Clarkson Avenue, Box 31
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098

Tel. (718) 270-1152
Fax. (718) 270-3103

Research Professor of Physiology

Dr. Burton M. Altura

State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn
450 Clarkson Avenue, Box 31
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098

Tel. (718) 270-1152
Fax. (718) 270-3103

Professor of Physiology and Medicine
Editor-in-Chief, Magnesium and Trace Elements

Dr. Hani K. Daas

CEO, Rawan Healthy Water Group
Sadat City, Egypt

TELEFAX: HOME +203 5501386

Founder and Coordinator of Arab Healthy Water Association.
Will market water with added magnesium.

Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD

Web Site:

Dr. Carolyn Dean is the author of The Miracle of Magnesium. Dr. Dean is a doctor, homeopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has used magnesium with dramatic success in her own practice.

Prof. Harold Foster

University of Victoria
P.O. Box 3050
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8W 3PS

Author of magnesium papers and the book, "Health, Disease, and The Environment", in which he examines the health benefits of magnesium in water

Herbert C. Mansmann, Jr., M.D.


Pediatrics, Allergy and Immunology
Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Professor of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
Jefferson Medical College
Thomas Jefferson University
Former Director Division A&I 1958-95

Dr. Mansmann was the Director of the Magnesium Research Laboratory

Mr. Tom Miller

Premier Services Co.
19826 Hidden Trail Place
Walnut, CA 91789


Tel./Fax. (909) 594-4921

Magnesium researcher and Mg marketing developer for a magnesium refining company

Prof. Mildred Seelig, MD (Deceased, January 2005)

Univ. of North Carolina
Editor Emeritus, Journal of the American College of Nutrition

Dr. Seelig is widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on magnesium, world-wide. See reprints of some of her published work at seelig.shtml

Dr. Burt Silver

553 Pilgrim Drive, Suite B
Commerce Park
Foster City, CA 94404

Tel. (415) 349-5233
Fax. (415) 349-9031

Dr. Silver is a magnesium researcher.

Prof. Theophilos Theophanides

National Technical University
Chemical Engineering Department
Radiation Chemistry and Biospectroscopy
Zografou Campus
Zografou 15 780, Athens, Greece

Tel. +30-1-772 3133 / +30-1-772 3183
Fax. +30-1-772 3184


Prof Theophilos Theophanides is the President of the International Society for Magnesium Research, SRDM. He was a member of the national and local organizing committees for the VIII International Symposium on Magnesium which took place in October of 1997. There he spoke on the "Supramolecular Chemistry of Magnesium and Water".

Dr. Jesus Martinez Valdez, MD

1871 Salazar St.
Saltillo, Coahuila 25065

Tel. +(52) 84 175 827
Fax. +(52) 84 178 806


Medical Doctor and magnesium researcher

Raul Vergini, M.D.

Via Varano Costa Nuova, 2
47016 Predappio (FC), Italy
Tel. (+39) 0543-922.116


Dr. Vergini is a homeopath with interests also in other alternative approaches such as nutrition, food supplements, anti-aging, alternative cancer treatments, energy psychology (EFT, TAT...), etc. He held several conferences in Italy about magnesium chloride in past years and published a book about magnesium in 1994 called Curarsi con il Magnesio, Red Edizioni. (Healing with Magnesium)

Rosemary Waring

School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, U.K.


Dr. Waring has done research showing that soaking in Mg-rich mineral water greatly increases the serum level of Mg, thus validating the millenia-old use of mineral springs for therapy, practiced all over the world and in many cultures. See: transdermal.shtml.

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