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Letter to Judge Jeremy Fogel regarding case that parallels Ref: C-97-20686 JF

Judge Jeremy Fogel
280 South First St.
San Jose, CA 95113

Ref: C-97-20686 JF
Briefing Letter re parallel case

Dear Judge Fogel:

Enclosed is a clipping from the 2/7/99 San Francisco Chronicle concerning a French case that is parallel to the FDA/magnesium case. France has created a special Court of Justice of the Republic to judge cabinet ministers and judge ex- Prime Minister Laurent Fabius for deliberately distributing HIV-contaminated blood to protect the reputation of the French National Blood Bank, and to benefit French economic and industrial interests.

This is the same principle as DOJ's and FDA's efforts to coverup the FDA's magnesium blunder. The principle difference is the scale--hundreds of French HIV-deaths, compared to millions of American Mg-deficiency deaths since the NAS's warning in 1977.



Paul Mason

cc: Kevin Fain, FDA Counsel
Robert Mueller, US Attorney

encl: SF Chronicle news clipping 2/7/99

Chronicle news clipping

This page was first uploaded to The Magnesium Web Site on February 22, 1999