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Open Letter to Elie Wiesel:

A Federal judge has ruled that I insulted the survivors of the Holocaust by comparing the Holocaust's 6 million deaths with the millions of deaths caused by a government blunder and cover-up in this country. I now apologize to all Holocaust victims, survivors, and the Jewish community, as it was not my intent to cheapen or diminish the Holocaust by the comparison.

But I seek more than your acceptance of my apology. I ask that you, and the Jewish community of writers, doctors, lawyers, editors, and scientists, not avert your eyes from the millions of American lives sacrificed to the intellectual arrogance of the 1930's.

Let me explain. In 1930 the FDA was founded, and, with much hubris and no science, immediately began a campaign to destroy the American mineral water industry. Mineral health spas were flourishing, and the AMA's doctors were envious of the mineral spas' prosperity and medical successes. The AMA attacked the mineral water industry with the AMA's own "Bureau of Propaganda" (yes, it really was named that), and later incited the FDA to attack the mineral water industry. Mineral spring owners were smeared in the media and maliciously prosecuted in court, but without any scientific evidence that mineral water was bad or ineffective in treating many illnesses. The mineral water industry was destroyed.

Nearly 40 years later, in 1977, the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) reported in their 900 page book, Drinking Water and Health, that "more than 50 studies" had shown that hard, mineral-rich water was correlated with much lower incidences of heart disease, and that as many as 150,000 US lives could be saved per annum by an optimal mineral profile in drinking water. Subsequently, numerous other studies showed the same benefits, and clinical and controlled studies showed that it was the magnesium in hard water that provided the benefit. However, the FDA did not want to admit they had caused over 7 million deaths between 1930 and 1977 by taking magnesium away from consumers, so the FDA simply denied the evidence, and continues to ignore magnesium to this day. Even the NAS's 1997 update on magnesium, showing magnesium deficiency is pandemic and causes much cardiovascular disease, has been ignored by the FDA.

I first became aware of the magnesium-deficiency problem in 1993 when a Jewish doctor visited me, and let me copy over 100 medical journal articles about magnesium. Since then, I have written thousands of letters, filed petitions, and finally sued the FDA for genocide. The judge admitted that over time the numbers of deaths caused by magnesium-deficiency may have exceeded the Holocaust--10 million compared to 6 million--but said it was a political problem, not a legal problem, and so dismissed the case. I have always agreed with the judge, and you, that there is an infinity of difference between dying of a needless heart attack and dying in the Holocaust.

Even so, the Jewish community bears a special responsibility to stop this modern, more banal genocide, because it is Jews who have vowed "Never Again!", and have chastised the world for keeping silent about the Holocaust. Yet, today, the Jewish community is participating in the silence, averting its eyes.

Jewish politicians forward my letters to the FDA, instead of investigating the FDA.

Jewish doctors, scientists, and researchers tell me privately that I am right, but not to use their names because they don't want to be blacklisted by the FDA, denied research grants, or appear radical to their colleagues.

The media, in which the Jewish community figures prominently, refuses to touch the magnesium story, as they don't want to be blacklisted by the FDA from other emerging news stories, or branded "radical" by the FDA, or admit that such a horrible crime is happening in their own back yard. Jews are in denial.

Now that I have apologized to you and the Jewish community, I ask that you not only accept my apology, but examine these 10 million American deaths, and end the silence. I ask the Jewish community, and you, to join me in court and in the media, to stop the FDA's "genocide" and cover-up.


Paul Mason, Editor
Magnesium Web Site


Magnesium information is at The Magnesium Web Site

The lawsuit against the FDA is at Lawsuit

Judge Fogel's ruling is at Judgment

FDA destruction of the mineral water industry can be found in "Crazy Water - The Story of Mineral Wells and Other Texas Health Resorts", Texas Christian University Press, 1991.

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